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Monday, December 5, 2011

Paranoid Grandiosity

In my teen-age years there was this show called Amos and Andy, which I enjoyed. The principle character [in this blog] is George Stevens, better known as "King-fish", played by Tim Moore, he was forever trying to dupe poor Andy or some other unaware or unsuspecting person. After he was [if he was able to pull it off] successful, with thumbs inside of vest arm-holes he would  grab both  side of  his vest and pull it as with a well deserved and proud forward pull and with an enormous smile as if to convey to himself "I've done it again". The portrait  of  King-fish is just the portrait I see of many in government, whether it be local, state or national. There are some that are complaining about those that are in the movement of "Occupy Wall Street", these are true Americans and should not be mistaken for anything else. For the rest of us that are not in their presence in protesting the unscrupulous activities of those on Wall-Street should at the very least be willing to put up with the inconvenience that we suffer as a result of their noble and honorable efforts to bring into the consciousness of those that have caused so many of their fellow citizens to be in such a near hopeless situation. Some from the Republican party have taken aim against OWS  with vitriol that should have been left in their blacken heart. It is amazing that even the President haven't said much to nothing how the protesters have been treated by those that wear the badge at the direction of Mayors and school - heads. Everyone seemed fine as long as there  weren't any demonstrations  going on about the looting of the country and causing great misery to helpless Americans [so they thought], it is a scene that is played out time and time again. It is pass time that those that continue to steal from the tax-payers of this country be held accountable by spending some time behind bars. No more King-fish attitude.